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Workplace injury and health challenges faced by long haul drivers

Big rig drivers face health and safety hazards each day. Commercial vehicle operators in British Columbia haul their loads across the country, and risk workplace injury and illness. For many truckers, their vehicles are also their homes, where they work, sleep and eat. A significant percentage of long haul truck operators develop health problems over the years due to exposure to various hazards.

Employment law: There is no place for racial discrimination

Following a work-related back injury, a 45-year-old husband and father of two in British Columbia is without work, and must support himself with a cane to walk. The former sheet metal worker recently decided to go public with his struggles and the alleged discriminatory behaviour of a WorkSafeBC staff member.

British Columbia employment law focuses on keeping workers safe

Workers in British Columbia have the right to safe work environments. Employment law in Canada describes the roles of business owners, along with their rights and responsibilities. The law also mandates the responsibilities of employers, supervisors, contractors and workers.

Employment law: Rights and responsibilities of employees

While it is true that employers in British Columbia are responsible for the health and safety of employees, workers also play a role in their own safety. Employment law mandates the rights and responsibilities of workers in all industries. Effective workplace safety requires all the involved parties to commit to their responsibilities.

Employment law prohibits discrimination in ads

Business owners in British Columbia must be careful with the wording for advertisements they post or print for jobs in their establishments. Any ad that expresses limitations, preferences or specifications related to protected characteristics under the BC Human Rights Code may constitute discrimination. A comprehensive understanding of the related requirements is essential.

Employment law requirements when hiring employees

Hiring employees, either directly or through employment agencies, must comply with all applicable laws. In British Columbia, the BC Employment Standards Act protects the rights of employees by mandating that employees meet certain minimum standards with respect to terms of employment. 

Legal help is available when hiring new employees

Business owners in British Columbia must ensure they follow the required legal steps when hiring new employees. After crafting a job description and placing an advertisement that complies with human rights and employment law, the employer can conduct interviews with applicants and make an employment offer to the successful person. Along with informing the chosen candidate of the starting date and time to report for duty, it might be a good idea to discuss other matters that might reduce some of his or her anxiety.

Employment law: compensation for termination of employment

Employees in British Columbia often have questions about their entitlements if their employment is terminated without cause. The BC Employment Standards Act (the "Act"), which governs the minimum standards for employment, generally requires employers to provide employees who have been terminated without cause with notice of termination or compensation in lieu of notice. The Act requires compensation in lieu of notice of termination as follows:

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