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Overholt Law LLP is a Vancouver-based boutique firm providing high-quality advice and representation in the areas of employment and labour law. Our team is comprised of dedicated and committed professionals who help clients navigate through complex legal issues within the workplace.

Under the leadership of senior lawyer, Carman J. Overholt, K.C., our lawyers have built a solid reputation and proven track record for resolving employment and other legal disputes. We leverage our knowledge and skill as experienced litigators to deliver fair, effective solutions to issues that impact the everyday lives of our clients.

Insightful Advice.
360° Perspectives.

Our firm is a true workplace law boutique. We practice in both employment and labour law. We have deep experience advising both employers and employees.

Having worked extensively on all sides of workplace disputes, we are able to offer comprehensive and creative solutions to even the most complex legal problems in the modern workplace.

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The construction skyline of Vancouver is dotted with cranes, symbols of growth and development. However, the recent surge in crane accidents casts a shadow over this urban expansion. As construction workers and employers in British Columbia, it is crucial to recognize...

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The changing landscape of workplace surveillance

Imagine a workspace where the boundaries between the physical and virtual are blurred, where every keystroke can be measured, and the eyes of technology watch your every move. This is not science fiction; it may be the reality of today's workplace, where artificial...

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Wait, is my employment contract valid?

When a new employer hands you a document to sign, it can often feel like just another piece of routine paperwork. However, some of these documents can have a considerable impact on your future, so it is crucial to understand the weight of any termination provisions,...

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When you turn to our firm for assistance, we promise you straightforward advice and an intelligent, practical approach to resolving all types of workplace disputes including:

  • Wrongful terminations
  • Human rights complaints
  • Issues arising in unionized environments
  • Restrictive covenants
  • Contracts and severance packages
  • Workers’ Compensation matters
  • Occupational health and safety issues
  • Privacy issues
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