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March 2016 Archives

Employment discrimination during the hiring phase

Workplace discrimination can take many different forms and can be based on a variety of prohibited grounds including race, gender and religion. While many who experience discrimination in employment are actually employed when it happens, that is not a prerequisite. It is possible that someone seeking employment might be denied a job for discriminatory reasons and if so, the person may decide to file a human rights complaint. 

WorkSafeBC to investigate following fatal workplace accident

The unexpected death of loved one is always difficult to face. This is particularly true when the person who dies is young and has most of his or her life ahead of them. Though few people likely think about it when they set off for work in the morning, in some cases it is possible a fatal accident could occur there.

Economic outlook could prompt changes to pension plans

There was a time that employees throughout British Columbia could count on a pension when they retired after years of working. As the years have passed however, this has changed. Workers living longer and a lagging economy contribute to this. These, and other changes, have made it necessary for employees to focus on other ways to fund retirement. It has also caused some employers to rethink the way in which pensions are managed.

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