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January 2016 Archives

Could alcohol addiction be the basis for a discrimination case?

The British Columbia Human Rights Code prohibits discrimination in the workplace on a variety of grounds including mental and physical disability. When a worker suffers discrimination on the basis of either of these grounds, that employee may be able to take legal action against the individual or party that is responsible for the discriminatory action.

Fatal workplace accidents down in B.C.

While few residents of British Columbia likely think about it before they step out the door to head to work, the reality is workers are regularly hurt while doing things tied to their jobs. Sometimes those injuries are minor, but other times they can dramatically change the life of the worker. In the worst cases, the injuries are so serious that they lead to death.

Wrongful dismissal cases against BC Government Settled

When an employee files a wrongful dismissal lawsuit against a former employer, there is more than one way the matter may be resolved. While some claims go the distance to court, others come to a conclusion where the parties reach a settlement. Recently, a wrongful-dismissal lawsuit filed against the British Columbia government by two health care researchers was settled.

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