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Wrongful dismissal cases against BC Government Settled

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2016 | Wrongful Termination |

When an employee files a wrongful dismissal lawsuit against a former employer, there is more than one way the matter may be resolved. While some claims go the distance to court, others come to a conclusion where the parties reach a settlement. Recently, a wrongful-dismissal lawsuit filed against the British Columbia government by two health care researchers was settled.

The health care researchers in this case were fired, along with six others, after a data breach occurred. One of those six other individuals–a junior researcher–committed suicide two days prior to the conclusion of his student co-op term. According to the provincial coroner, a factor in the man’s death was the stress he felt as a result of the firing.

In this recent settlement, the Health Ministry workers received a cash settlement that was not disclosed. In addition, there was an acknowledgment the researchers did not engage in the data breach for personal gain. The ministry also admitted there were flaws with the investigation into the alleged wrongdoing.

This settlement means all of the living individuals who were fired have now resolved their cases. The employees involved in the case that was recently settled indicated they would like to once again engage in drug testing for the B.C. government. The Deputy Attorney-General indicated they can seek access to health data for the purpose of research.

The goals of the dismissed employees could have a bearing on the ultimate outcome of cases of this nature. A lawyer can be of assistance in helping to work through the matter.



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