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September 2015 Archives

Study reveals shockingly few employees read employment contract

Although it is not a universal practice, many employers require employees to sign an employment contract at the time of hire. Employment contracts may be short or long and detailed. Longer contracts may address a variety of topics including health benefits, code of conduct, vacation, sick leave and internal complaint or grievance procedures. In addition, it could cover employee behavior after an employment relationship has ended, with non-compete provisions that set a period of time during which the former employee cannot get a job with a competitor. It could also address what an employee is allowed to do with proprietary information.  

Training instrument licensed by BCCSA may prevent work injuries

Workplace safety is important for individuals regardless of their occupation. Depending on a wide variety of factors, including the job and the type of accident that occurs, the outcome of a workplace accident can be devastating. In the worst cases it might even lead to death. One way in which this might be prevented is through education.

Workplace discrimination against LGBTQ workers not always obvious

Workplace discrimination is not always obvious. According to a study on Canada's workforce that was recently conducted, this is particularly true for members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) community.

Discrimination claim initially denied by CHRC gets second look

Readers may be aware that there are laws in place in Canada that prohibit discrimination based on gender. Under those laws, among other things, the compensation a worker receives cannot be negatively impacted as a result of one’s gender. Sometimes claims filed with the Canadian Human Rights Commissions alleging discriminatory behavior are accepted and a case commences. Other times however, they are denied. It is important that employees in this situation recognize that a denial by the CHRC is not necessarily the end of the process. A recent Federal Court of Appeal ruling illustrates this.

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