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Training instrument licensed by BCCSA may prevent work injuries

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2015 | Workplace Accidents |

Workplace safety is important for individuals regardless of their occupation. Depending on a wide variety of factors, including the job and the type of accident that occurs, the outcome of a workplace accident can be devastating. In the worst cases it might even lead to death. One way in which this might be prevented is through education.

The B.C. Construction Safety Alliance believes the way in which safety training is done matters. Accordingly, it has secured a license to use a training instrument developed by the Health and Safety Laboratory in Britain. Called the Safety Climate Tool, the tool combines analytical software with a survey. A total of eight subjects are covered.

With the assistance of the BCCSA, the perceptions of the safety management system in place at work are measured via a test that all employers take. The results of the tests can be used to create a baseline from which the company can grow. Since this past spring, close to 2,000 employees, working at 25 companies in British Columbia, have taken the survey. The hope is that the survey will help employers create safer workplaces.

There is no question that proper training can go a long way toward minimizing the number of workplace accidents that occur. Despite this, it is possible that some will nonetheless continue to happen. When they do, a worker who is unable to work may be unsure where to turn. Similarly, an employer may require advice pertaining to their obligations at a difficult, highly sensitive time. 

Contacting a lawyer who handles labour and employment law matters including occupational health and safety is often a prudent step to make sure you or your organization are taking the right steps to be protected during these difficult times, and are in compliance to prevent such incidents from occurring in the first place.



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