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How can companies make work safer for gig workers?

Gig work is an increasingly significant part of Canada’s economy, and the tens of thousands of people who work in these jobs are a crucial element of the workforce. However, these individuals don’t have the same protections as Canadian employees protected under federal and provincial laws. For example, they do not have as much job security compared to other employees. In addition, gig workers face a number of workplace accidents.

Types of Hazards for Gig Workers

All workers are at risk of some type of workplace accidents and injuries. However, because of the nature of gig work, like food delivery, some of the most common risks that gig workers face include:

  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Physical assaults
  • Contagious illness
  • Sprains and strains from lifting heavy objects
  • Slip-and-fall accidents

These situations can result in serious, painful injuries. In some cases, they could even be fatal.

What can we do to make gig work safer?

Enhancing protections among gig workers is something we can play a role in tackling. We can also practice safe driving habits and follow traffic laws to prevent serious crashes that can endanger the lives of gig workers and every other road user.

Additionally, individuals utilizing the services of gig workers should be respectful and create a safe space. For instance, they can eliminate hazardous conditions on their properties for people making deliveries and refrain from making dangerous requests or demands. Business owners can keep delivery pickup areas safe and clear. Companies hiring gig workers can provide the necessary equipment to perform job duties properly and give guidance to workers regarding safety protocols.

Further, British Columbia’s Ministry of Labour is considering potential solutions like expanding workers’ compensation protection to the thousands of gig workers in the province.

Gig work can be attractive for many reasons, but unfortunately, there are risks that come with it. We can all play a part in eliminating these risks and ensuring that these workers enjoy a safe work environment.



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