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British Columbia employment law focuses on keeping workers safe

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2020 | Employment Law |

Workers in British Columbia have the right to safe work environments. Employment law in Canada describes the roles of business owners, along with their rights and responsibilities. The law also mandates the responsibilities of employers, supervisors, contractors and workers.

Under the law, the primary responsibilities of business owners include providing safe workplaces and complying with prescribed occupational health and safety standards. They must also share information about potential hazards with employers and prime contractors to enable them to address the dangers. However, in cases in which the business owners are also the employers, they must comply with the responsibilities of both roles.

Additional responsibilities of employers include establishing programs to address occupational safety and health. They must provide safety training and appoint responsible supervisors to monitor and enforce safety standards. They must ensure that the necessary first aid equipment is available, that trained first aid attendants are on-site, and transport workplace injury victims to medical facilities. Frequent inspections and hazard assessments must be carried out to ensure ongoing safety while addressing any dangers identified during inspections.

Employers must also investigate workplace accidents and file reports with WorkSafeBC. Many employers and business owners have been accused of violating employment law by providing unsafe workplaces. To reduce the possibility of that occurring, many British Columbia employers retain employment law lawyers to make sure they comply with applicable laws and advocate for them when they face complaints. After assessing the facts of a complaint, the lawyer can provide support and guidance throughout any ensuing legal proceedings.



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