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January 2018 Archives

Employment law and the validity of harassment allegations

Workplace harassment has been a topic that was the subject of discussion in many British Columbia industries in recent months. Under employment law, employees have the right to safe workplace environments, but employers have the right to protection against groundless accusations of harassment. If bullying or harassment is present in the workplace, the employee must report it to the employer who must take the appropriate steps to address the issue. Both employers and employees may benefit from understanding what constitutes harassment. 

Employment law: Supreme court rules on discrimination

Following a claim of workplace discrimination in British Columbia, the Supreme Court of Canada ultimately ruled that such discrimination is possible even if the accused and the claimant are employees of different entities. According to employment law and human rights legislation, all individuals are protected against discrimination and insults. The case arose from a complaint filed by a civil engineer who worked on a road project who alleged discriminatory remarks were made by an employee of a contractor who was involved in the project.

Does workers' compensation cover workplace injury on a film set?

Workers in the film industry -- actors and actresses, dancers, stunt drivers, set workers and others -- face multiple safety risks while working on productions. However, the Occupational Health and Safety laws are not always clear on the status of workers. In British Columbia, some performers are regarded as employees, while others may be classified as independent operators. For this reason, a person who earns income in the entertainment industry will not be automatically eligible for workers' compensation benefits in the event of a workplace injury.

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