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May 2016 Archives

BC tribunal finds human rights violations by police employer

The British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal has sided with a Victoria police officer and his claims that the Victoria Police Department, his employer, interfered with his right to express his political beliefs as guaranteed under the BC Human Rights Code. The Canadian Press reported that the officer was awarded $20,000 on five of his eight claims for injury to dignity, feelings and self-respect.

Discrimination alleged for BC maternity benefit clawback

A BC woman has filed a human rights complaint after the BC government clawed back her maternity and parental benefits in order to reimburse the province for her partner's disability payments. The woman has alleged sex discrimination, according to a media release by her legal counsel, the Community Legal Assistance Society (CLAS). 

BC bill introduced to make gender identity a protected class

On April 27, BC MLA Spender Chandra Herbert introduced a bill in the Legislative Assembly that would add gender identity and gender expression to the characteristics protected against discrimination in employment. The bill would amend the BC Human Rights Code, which already protects against discrimination based on sex and sexual orientation, among other characteristics. 

RCMP settles sexual harassment suit brought by BC Mountie

A 49-year-old British Columbia Mountie awaiting trial in a highly publicized lawsuit she filed four years ago against the RCMP for sexual harassment in the workplace has had her matter settled out of court. The corporal, a spokesperson for the force, said that she has experienced post-traumatic stress disorder after 20 years of work-related harassment, according to the Vancouver Sun. 

Pay equity for women in the federally-regulated employment sector

Federal laws require that women get pay equal to that of men for work of equal value within any federally-regulated employer of any size. The Government of Canada website defines pay equity between the genders as a "fundamental human right ... known as equal pay for work of equal value." The right is granted by the Canadian Human Rights Act and focuses on the undervaluation of jobs historically held by female employees. 

Vancouver bus drivers' contract negotiation at critical stage

Almost 100 percent of the 4,700 unionized Vancouver-area transit workers employed by TransLink subsidiary Coast Mountain Bus voted late Thursday to support a strike in stalled contract negotiations. According to the Vancouver Sun, the president of the local Unifor union that represents transit operators said that there is "no indication of when, or if, 72-hour strike notice would be given ..." and that further collective bargaining negotiations are scheduled to continue. 

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