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April 2016 Archives

Privacy rights and employer concerns in the BC workplace

The BC Freedom of Information and Privacy Association, known as FIPA, is a public interest group that promotes Canadian privacy rights, including those applicable to employees in the workplace. As part of their public outreach, FIPA provides extensive information to Canadians on provincial and federal privacy laws and their application to employees and employers. 

Suggestive uniforms for female restaurant workers may violate human rights

A recent article from CBC news suggests that some legal experts believe that requiring female restaurant staff to wear suggestive clothing while working may be a violation of Canadian human rights laws. As an example, the article cites a 2001 BC Human Rights Tribunal decision in which a female employee of a Vancouver restaurant refused to wear a bikini top to serve beverages at a Hawaiian-themed party. The Tribunal awarded her almost $6,000 after finding that the requirement was discriminatory. 

What happens when workers no longer want to be in a union?

For many individuals in British Columbia, unions play an important role in governing their labour relations. Unions represent workers in various occupations, in labour matters and among other things, negotiate collective agreements for the workers. Trucking companies operating out to Vancouver's port are examples of businesses that employ individuals who are part of a union. Recently two of those trucking companies were in the news regarding their employees' relationship with the union, Unifor.

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