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February 2016 Archives

Union helps B.C. transit works negotiate contract

While not all workers belong to a union, there are a variety of things those who do can look to the organization for help with. One of those things is negotiating compensation and benefits. Generally, when it comes to matters of this nature there is an assumption that a group has more power than individuals, providing leverage in negotiation. A tactic members of a union might use in the course of negotiation is a strike.

Long-term health care workers in BC at high risk for injury

There is no question that health care workers play an important role in society. While providing care for others, many may not be aware that they could be putting their own health on the line. Readers may be surprised that British Columbia long-term health care workers are at a higher risk of being injured on the job than forestry workers, police officers or construction workers.

UBC faces human rights complaint from former professor

The BC Human Rights Code provides employees in the province with a variety of workplace protections. One of those protections is from acts of discrimination. When an employee believes that he or she has been discriminated against, they can file a claim with the BC Human Rights Tribunal. In turn, those complaints may go to a hearing in front of a tribunal, which will then determine whether the actions of the employer did in fact rise to the level of violating the Code. 

Construction deaths up in 2015

In an earlier post we wrote about a decrease in worker deaths in British Columbia last year. While this is undoubtedly good news overall, it does not tell the whole story regarding worker deaths. In at least one occupation, the number of workers who died last year actually increased. That occupation is construction workers. According to recent statistics, the number of construction workers who died last year was up 40 per cent. 

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