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Man appeals old workplace illness claim with WSCC

When it comes to workplace injuries the first thing that comes to mind for most people is likely a serious accident, but this is not the only way in which a worker could be harmed on the job.  In certain situations it is possible workplace conditions could lead to a worker becoming ill. A Canadian man, who worked at a mine more than 25 years ago, believes this is what happened to him.

Matters related to disability accomomdations often complex

Employees in the Canada have certain workplace rights. To keep a business running smoothly, employers need to be aware of various laws which set out these rights, both in legislation and as a result of developments in the common law. While regular workplace training can help prevent issues from arising, even the most prepared businesses are occasionally faced with challenging employment situations which lead to a workplace dispute. One particular area which is sensitive to handle is with respect to a business' duty to accommodate a disabled employee.

Multiple techniques available to resolve labour disputes

Employers and employees have a symbiotic relationship. Employers must rely upon employees for a business to work and employees rely upon employers to make a living. While these relationships often work well, disputes also arise from time-to-time.

Following workplace accidents WorkSafeBC will investigate

Workplace accidents can be devastating. In addition to serious injuries that may make it impossible for someone to work for a period of time--or maybe even ever again--in the worst cases, death result. In the province of British Columbia, following an accident of this nature an investigation will be conducted by WorkSafeBC. The investigation will determine whether a business was compliant with workers' compensation and occupational health and safety rules.

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