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October 2015 Archives

Advantages either side may have in employment litigation

In any employment dispute between an employer and an employee, the outcome is never predetermined. It is possible that either side could secure a ruling in its favour. That said, there are various reasons that at various points one side might be more likely to succeed than the other.

Proposed legislation focuses on workplace accident investigations

Despite many employers taking steps to prevent workplace accidents from occurring, they do still happen. Sometimes they result in employees suffering serious injuries necessitating time away from work. While in time those injuries may heal, other times a worker could find that he or she is permanently disabled. In either situation, following an accident in the workplace an investigation will commence. Legislation recently proposed would make changes to who is involved in those investigations.

Proper Investigation should be conducted before employee is fired

There are many reasons why employees could find themselves without a job. One reason which often arises in the context of dismissals for just cause is where the employee is accused of being dishonest with the employer. Of course, what constitutes just cause for dishonesty on the job varies depending on all of the surrounding circumstances.

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