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June 2015 Archives

Are injured workers receiving the care they need from WorkSafeBC?

Readers may be aware that workers who are injured on the job could obtain workers' compensation benefits to help to cover the expenses that arise as a result of the injury. To secure these benefits injured workers must go through WorkSafeBC. Employers register for WorkSafeBC insurance to cover the individuals that work for them.

BCAA-ERS employees locked out following contract stalemate

Canadian and British Columbian workers are provided certain protections at law and expect certain things from their employers. For unionized workers, a union negotiates on behalf of its members to protect their interests during collective bargaining, and represents employees in disputes with their employer. However, when negotiations don't go well and one side or the other is dissatisfied, either side can take action in an attempt to increase their negotiating power: the workers by striking and the employer by instituting a lockout.

After cross-country move, veteran Canadian journalist claims wrongful dismissal

Many employment opportunities require workers to relocate, and an employment contract may include, among other things, an agreement that the employer will pay part or all of the employee's moving expenses. Not having such an agreement in writing could make a claim for reimbursement more difficult to support in the event that there is dispute over the terms of employment.

WorkSafeBC finds construction signage adequate after trench accident

Proper signage and barriers are important to maintaining safe construction sites. Such safety measures are meant to protect workers and bystanders in the area. When a construction site accident results in injury, the proper use of signage may be called into question during a workplace or WorkSafeBC investigation into the exact cause of the accident.

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