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April 2015 Archives

B.C. government urged to fast track PTSD claims for first responders

Though workplace accidents can be avoided by taking proactive steps to meet safety requirements, some types of employment are inherently more hazardous than others. First responders, for example, enter dangerous work environments on a daily basis, confronting a high risk of physical and mental injury.

Former COO for Vancouver company claims constructive dismissal

If an employer in Canada unilaterally makes substantial changes to an employee's employment contract - thereby fundamentally altering the terms and conditions of employment - and the employee does not consent to the changes and decides to quit, the employee may take the position that a constructive dismissal ocurred and the employee did not resign.

Lawsuit claims overworking led to death of poultry factory employee

B.C.'s Employment Standards Act (ESA) states that "an employer must not require or directly or indirectly allow an employee to work excessive hours or hours detrimental to the employee's health and safety."

Investigation underway after explosion at B.C. coal mine

Accidents in the workplace that result in injuries require careful investigation to determine the cause of the accident and the source of the injury. Whether the accident is due to a simple oversight on the part of a worker, or the employer failed to comply with safety regulations, employees and employers should have experienced legal counsel to represent them and protect their interests after a workplace accident.

Severance packages at issue in Future Shop employment dispute

For employees and employers alike, layoffs and dismissals are among the most difficult employment-related matters. In Canada, termination of employment must be handled not only in accordance with provincial and federal legislation, but also with respect to any applicable clauses that may have been included in the employment contract, and the common law.

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