Strategic Guidance Throughout The Arbitration Process

Arbitrations often arise from a dispute between a union member and the employer, or between the union itself and the employer. They may also arise in the course of resolving disputes between private parties, including where a contract prescribes arbitration as the exclusive dispute resolution process.

In the labour context, an arbitrator is appointed to resolve matters if it cannot be resolved through the grievance process. Arbitrators' decisions are final and binding, which means they are legally enforceable. Employers require effective legal representation to protect their interests.

The lawyers at Overholt Law LLP are experienced litigators who offer high quality advice and representation during arbitration. We use our expertise to vigorously represent our clients and aim for best outcomes.

Dynamic Client Representation During Arbitration

Depending on the issues to be determined, the stakes can be high at arbitration. The organization's time, resources and reputation are at risk, and it requires expert guidance to achieve a positive ruling.

Our lawyers are assertive when acting on behalf of clients in arbitration proceedings. We offer clients support, guidance and strategic advice, especially in trying to bring disputes to any early resolution, where possible. If a hearing is necessary, we focus on thorough case preparation and strongly advocate for our client's interests. We strive for positive results during all stages of the process.

Helping Employers Navigate The Process

Preserving the interests and reputation of an employer is a priority when facing legal proceedings. Most employers desire an expedient and efficient end to the dispute. They also seek strong representation and positive results.

Our lawyers have deep experience representing employers before administrative tribunals, courts, and in both private and labour arbitrations. In short, we understand the range of perspectives parties bring to a conflict and offer expert guidance throughout the process. We take on the burden of these complex proceedings and help steer our clients on the path of successful problem resolutions.

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Notable Experience

Overholt Law LLP represented an employer in an extensive arbitration matter where the decision to dismiss a bargaining unit employee on the grounds of harassment and bullying of a co-worker was upheld — Madill Equipment Canada v. United Steelworkers Union, Local 1-80, CLC (Brown Dismissal Grievance), [2008] BCA.A.A. No. 86.

We represented grievers in a federal labour arbitration pursuant to the Canada Labour Code