Severance Package Reviews

At the time of the termination of employment without cause, employees may have entitlements under the Employment Standards Act or Canada Labour Code, their contracts of employment and at common law. Employers who wish to avoid liability need a well-crafted severance package that meets their obligations to employees. Employees would be wise to seek legal counsel to review the severance package offered before agreeing to them.

The Vancouver lawyers at Overholt Law have extensive experience drafting and reviewing severance packages. Given our lawyers' experience acting for a wide range of employers and employees, we have a balanced understanding of all the legal issues involved, and the perspectives each side bring to the negotiations.

Mitigating Liability For Employers

Employers may not be aware of employees' rights when offering a severance package. That can result in employees not receiving their proper entitlement, giving rise to a claim for wrongful dismissal. In those instances, time-consuming negotiations and even litigation can result.

Our legal team helps employers avoid liability. We have worked with a wide range of employers on drafting proper severance packages that safeguard their interests at the time of termination and into the future.

Helping Employees Navigate Severance Packages

Employees are wise to seek legal advice on severance offers to determine if their employers have offered fair compensation that meets their obligations. We can help you understand the benefits and compensation you are entitled to before negotiating with your employer.

Our lawyers collaborate with you to help achieve a reasonable severance package that meets your goals. We can coach you to negotiate for a better deal and aid you in writing to your employer. We can also advise you about your next steps in the process, such as drafting demand letters and negotiating with your former employer on your behalf.

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