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Understanding roles and responsibilities in workplace safety

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2022 | Workplace Accidents |

When it comes to preventing workplace accidents in British Columbia, a great deal of responsibility falls on employers. Their policies as well as their follow-through will often be thoroughly examined if a worker is hurt. However, they are not the only ones with obligations when it comes to safety. Here is a general overview of the responsibilities different parties carry to keep a workplace safe. 

Management and/or ownership

The people who develop policies and procedures for a business have a responsibility to ensure that operating procedures are designed to keep people safe. First, having a policy or “plan of action” for safety is necessary, as is a plan for how that policy will be communicated. Additionally, management must arrange for necessary committees to be put in place to provide oversight on safety needs. Finally, ongoing measures like training and risk assessments are key to implementing a plan to keep a workplace as safe as possible. 


Individuals who oversee groups of workers have a particular responsibility when it comes to safety. They must take every reasonable precaution to keep workers safe and ensure that workers are following the correct procedures. Supervisors are also often charged with training and ensuring written instructions are up to date. 


Workers are responsible to follow the policies designed to keep them safe. This means wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) as instructed and following all procedures to keep themselves and others safe. They should also report any dangers to their supervisor if they identify possible risks. 

Many types of workplace accidents can come with significant long-term costs to British Columbia employers. Having a thorough plan in place to create a safe work environment along with the knowledge of how to properly handle the aftermath of a work-related accident can prove invaluable. Should a legal issue arise, an experienced lawyer can carefully analyze a company’s unique circumstances, determine all potential solutions and fight for the best possible resolution.      



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