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Workplace discrimination can take many forms

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2020 | Employment Law |

There are many different forms of discrimination that can exist in the workplace. You could experience discrimination based on personal characteristics – such as your age, race or gender. Discrimination can also be identified through unequal opportunities or disciplinary actions.

Incidents involving discrimination may remain unreported because workers are unaware of their protections under the law. The Canada Labour Code, the Canadian Human Rights Act and British Columbia-specific employment laws all offer protections against workplace discrimination. In today’s post, we will outline some of the common ways that discrimination can present itself on the job:

  • Hiring: Discrimination can occur in the way staff is recruited and selected. Employers might also discriminate in the way they offer benefits, terms and conditions to potential new employees.
  • Training: Discrimination can also be present in an employer’s choice of whom to include in training and the type of training made available.
  • Promotion: Discrimination can also occur when employers consider or select employees for promotion and transfers.
  • Corrective action: Disciplinary action, dismissal or retrenchment can also be discriminatory, if all employees in the same situation are not treated in the same manner.

It is worth noting that it is not only discrimination by employers that is unlawful. Discriminatory actions by co-workers happen more often than you may realize, and these should not be tolerated either.

You should not have to endure discrimination of any kind at work. Employment law mandates that employers must have an anti-discriminatory policy in place, as well as procedures to follow to report – and correct – such incidents. The details of all aspects of the policy must be available to all employees and management staff, and employers must ensure that it is understandable to all.



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