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Understanding employee rights upon termination

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When workers in British Columbia lose their jobs, it can be one of the most stressful times that they will ever face. Employment law surrounding workplace dismissals can be complicated, and there may be many questions and concerns these individuals will have as they try to push forward and plan for the future. Unfortunately, job losses occur all too frequently, and it can be crucial for employees to know their rights on these occasions.

Employers may choose to terminate the employment of certain members of their workforce to reduce costs, restructure their business or one of many other reasons. Fortunately, there are legalities in place to protect workers whenever these situations happen. The Employment Standards Act sets out minimum notice (or pay in lieu of notice) to which workers are entitled to upon dismissal, and is dependant on the time that the worker has been employed. Some employees may be entitled to common law severance, based on a number of factors including the age of the employee, their length of service, their position, their remuneration, and the likelihood that the employee will be able to find alternate employment.

Many employees in British Columbia who face issues surrounding these kind of circumstances choose to pursue civil lawsuits with assistance from an experienced lawyer. Legal counsel can diligently work toward making sure a former employee receives the full amount of compensation and benefits to which he or she is entitled upon termination.



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