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Debilitating workplace injury risks threaten even teachers

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2020 | Workplace Injuries |

The director of a Canadian concussion centre recently said that, contrary to popular belief, teachers face significant risks of concussion. More and more teachers in British Columbia and across Canada report head trauma suffered in accidents in classrooms and during recess. Some teachers who experience this type of workplace injury are left with symptoms that are long lasting and debilitating.

One educational assistant describes how she was struck in the head with a football while she monitored recess. The impact on the side of her head caused everything to go black, but she managed to break her fall before she landed on the ground.

The teacher reports that she returned to work about four days after the incident, but she describes being back at school as unbearable. She was unable to stand and experienced a spinning feeling while the headaches and nausea continued, and it took months before she could return to work full-time. Another teacher suffered a similar injury and said she suffered years of sound sensitivity, dizziness and migraines, along with cognitive damage as the result of a concussion.

This type of workplace injury is not altogether new; there were reports as far back as 2018 that workplace injuries related to head trauma among teachers in British Columbia occurred at a rate significantly higher than the average in the province.

British Columbia employees who have suffered work-related concussions may seek the support and guidance of an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer. Legal counsel can explain their rights to benefits and assist with the navigation of benefits claims.



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