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Do you know your rights to compensation after a workplace injury?

On Behalf of | Dec 24, 2019 | Workplace Injuries |

Workers in British Columbia are entitled to financial assistance through the employer’s WorkSafeBC insurance coverage. Coverage may extend to workplace injury caused by one event, as well as progressive conditions that result from exposure to chemicals or repetitive motions in a person’s line of work over extended periods. 

Workers’ compensation benefits typically cover applicable medical expenses, including medications, tests, equipment and treatment sessions. Workers whose injuries cause temporary disabilities that prevent them from working until they have recovered are entitled to temporary wage loss benefits. Permanent disability benefits are paid in cases where a work-related injury or illness causes a permanent disability that is likely to impair a worker’s future earning capacity.

Where an injury or occupational disease affects a worker’s ability to return to their previous position, WorkSafeBC may refer a worker to vocational rehabilitation services. This provides support for workers in setting appropriate return-to-work goals, whether for their previous or a new employer.

A victim of a workplace injury in British Columbia might have questions about his or her rights to workers’ compensation and the services provided by WorkSafeBC. If a worker disputes a decision made by WorkSafeBC in determining benefits, legal counsel with experience in this field of law may assist in explaining the worker’s options, up to and including representing the injured worker’s interests.



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