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Vancouver woman fights for benefits after workplace accident

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2019 | Workplace Accidents |

Workers in most industries in British Columbia are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Some employers will do anything to avoid paying a victim of a workplace accident, but injured workers should not give up. Legal counsel is available to fight for the rights to compensation.

An example of such a case involves an employee of a federal agency who was injured in a car accident while driving an unmarked police vehicle. She had permission to drive the company vehicle to her home after work because she was scheduled to give a presentation at another location on the following morning. After she embarked on the trip the next day, she encountered a snowstorm. She lost control of the vehicle and crashed into the median.

Her original claim for compensation was denied by WorkSafeBC, as was a subsequent review of the claim. She filed an appeal, at which the B.C. Workers’ Compensation Appeal Tribunal looked at her claim that the accident occurred in the course of employment. It was determined that she was doing a task for the benefit of her employer upon his or her instructions. Therefore, the travelling was done as a part of her duties.

This woman did not give up and fought for her rights until she was granted the benefits she deserved. Other injured workers might find the appeals process intimidating, but help is available. From the initial benefits claim to the appeal if the claim is denied, an experienced British Columbia workers’ compensation lawyer can provide the necessary support and guidance throughout the legal and administrative proceedings after a workplace accident.



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