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Focus on craft brewery workplace injury risks

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2019 | Workplace Injuries |

Employers in British Columbia must protect the health and safety of their workers. WorkSafeBC expects employers in all industries to mitigate known safety hazards to prevent on-the-job accidents. The craft brewery industry is growing rapidly, and safety authorities say the workplace injury risks have increased at a similar pace.

The most frequently reported injuries on claims for compensation among workers in craft distilleries and breweries include exposure to excessive cold and heat, falls, repetitive motion, struck-by, and overexertion injuries. Injury data also revealed that workers between ages 25 and 34 suffered the highest number of occupational injuries in this industry. As a part of the emphasis program, WorkSafeBC published and distributed a video as well as guides and posters to inform employers and employees of newly established and existing safety standards.

Employers are made aware of the most dangerous safety threats in this industry, two of which are carbon dioxide exposure and the dangers of confined spaces. Authorities say the production of alcoholic beverages involve carbon dioxide, and employers must ensure workers know the risks and the methods to protect themselves. When it comes to confined spaces, various tasks put these workers in dangerous confined spaces with limited access to egress, and compliance with the regular safety guidelines for these hazards is crucial.

Employers in British Columbia must also provide injured workers with the necessary forms to claim workers’ compensation benefits after workplace injury incidents. Business owners and employees are entitled to seek legal guidance and support with any issues that might arise. A lawyer who has experience in all aspects of employment law can answer questions and explain legal options that might bring about a timely resolution.



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