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Fatal workplace accident leaves partner asking for changes

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2017 | Workplace Accidents |

Sometimes it takes a tragedy before major change can take place. After a fatal workplace accident that took the life of her boyfriend, one Vancouver Island woman is calling for changes to construction safety regulations. By all appearances, proper safety measures were in place, but they weren’t enough to prevent this fatal accident.

The accident happened January 10th at a construction site in Saanich. A gust of wind lifted a piece of plywood which struck the 51-year-old man. The force of the impact sent him over a railing on the third story of the building. Environment Canada reported that winds were gusting at about 30 kilometres per hour in the region at the time that the accident occurred. 

He reportedly landed on concrete and suffered from multiple injuries including a broken shoulder, ribs and spine, as well as major head trauma. Following the accident he was taken to hospital for treatment. He succumbed to his injuries on January 15th.

WorkSafeBC is investigating the accident, but the contracting company responsible for the site claims that the gust was a freak occurrence that could not have been planned for. A guardrail was in place, and the site had previously been shut down during bad weather. The deceased man’s girlfriend is calling for mandatory tethers for all construction personnel working at an elevated location.

Whether or not the change occurs, it won’t impact the results of the current investigation. Should the employer be found responsible, additional compensation may be possible. While grieving a lost loved one, no individual wants to have to worry about insurance and compensation. By trusting in an experienced lawyer, it may be possible to take comfort knowing those matters are being skilfully handled on one’s behalf.

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