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Using a lawyer to conduct a workplace investigation

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2015 | Labour And Employment Law |

Each day incidents arise at the workplace which may require an employer to investigate formally the allegations which arise. An alleged violation of human rights law and bullying and harassment complaints are where workplace investigations commonly arise, as well as in certain statutorily mandated situations. When an employer learns of allegations of bullying and harassment, human rights violations, or workplace safety issues in particular, it is prudent to commence an independent investigation as soon as possible.

Internal investigations prompted by complaints are often challenging to conduct and the stakes can be high for a failed or negligent investigation. Engaging an external party, such as a labour and employment lawyer familiar with the mechanics of workplace investigations, is an important step to consider when confronted with a need to investigate an incident at work.

Depending on what has prompted the investigation, the technique best suited for the situation will vary. Regardless of why an investigation has been commenced, it is important that attention is paid to every detail. A lawyer hired to lead the investigation can help to protect confidentiality and ensure the perception of a fair, unbiased procedure.

We understand not only how to effectively run an internal workplace investigation, but also how to do so in a discreet manner. To learn more about our practice, please see our website.



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