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Here is a list of five important questions that business owners, professionals and individuals should ask before signing an employment agreement:

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  • Do I fully understand the responsibilities, obligations and restrictions set out in this agreement that bind me or my company? If not, have I raised questions about the concerns I have over the agreement with the other contracting party or have I sought legal advice on the agreement?
  • Does the agreement protect my best interests?
  • Can I foresee any potential issues arising in the future concerning the agreement?
  • How does the agreement affect post-employment obligations in the future?

The employment relationship is more likely to be successful and rewarding for parties who clarify the terms of the agreement up front. Having an experienced employment lawyer review the agreement before it is signed can provide an opportunity to amend an unclear agreement, leading to greater certainty for all parties.

Remember that employment agreements are unique and it is often more cost effective to prevent employment disputes through a clear understanding of expectations and careful drafting, than to fix them. It is in your best interests to work with a team of lawyers that understands the unique language of employment contracts and has the skill set to advise you on your specific legal needs.

To learn more about the services that Overholt Law LLP provides with regard to drafting or advising on employment and business contracts, visit our employment law page and our restrictive covenants and non-competition agreements page.



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