Experienced Guidance On Occupational Health And Safety Matters

Employers have numerous duties under the Workers' Compensation Act of British Columbia. It is their primary responsibility to protect the health and well-being of their employees. They can be held accountable and face administrative penalties if they fail to adhere to this duty.

The lawyers at Overholt Law have the skill and knowledge to give high-quality advice about occupational health and safety matters. We aim to keep employers updated about changes in legislation and their legal duties to safeguard their interests.

Understanding Employer Obligations

Employers should be aware that their legal obligation to protect employees is a minimum requirement. They must take all reasonable precautions to prevent workplace accidents and illnesses.

Their legal obligations include:

  • Reporting workplace accidents and injuries
  • Investigating accidents and incidents of illness
  • Conducting preliminary investigations
  • Conducting full investigations

Our lawyers regularly advise organizations about their legal responsibilities. We help them navigate through these requirements to safeguard their interests and minimize liability from arising. We explain how the law affects them and aim to minimize claims under the Workers' Compensation Act. This saves many employers both time and costs.

Bullying And Harassment Claims

Employers must also prevent workplace bullying and harassment. They have an obligation to address and take steps to prevent incidents from arising in the first place. Neglecting to do so can result in litigation and workers' compensation claims.

Employers must establish and maintain:

  • Procedures about reporting and investigation mechanisms
  • Training for supervisors and workers
  • A workplace bullying and harassment policy statement

We are well-positioned to instruct employers and businesses about all their legal duties under the Workers' Compensation Act. We strive to give insightful explanations to employers to aid them in averting future liability for non-compliance.

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