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WorkSafeBC to investigate following fatal workplace accident

The unexpected death of loved one is always difficult to face. This is particularly true when the person who dies is young and has most of his or her life ahead of them. Though few people likely think about it when they set off for work in the morning, in some cases it is possible a fatal accident could occur there.

Fatal workplace accidents down in B.C.

While few residents of British Columbia likely think about it before they step out the door to head to work, the reality is workers are regularly hurt while doing things tied to their jobs. Sometimes those injuries are minor, but other times they can dramatically change the life of the worker. In the worst cases, the injuries are so serious that they lead to death.

Following workplace accidents WorkSafeBC will investigate

Workplace accidents can be devastating. In addition to serious injuries that may make it impossible for someone to work for a period of time--or maybe even ever again--in the worst cases, death result. In the province of British Columbia, following an accident of this nature an investigation will be conducted by WorkSafeBC. The investigation will determine whether a business was compliant with workers' compensation and occupational health and safety rules.

Proposed legislation focuses on workplace accident investigations

Despite many employers taking steps to prevent workplace accidents from occurring, they do still happen. Sometimes they result in employees suffering serious injuries necessitating time away from work. While in time those injuries may heal, other times a worker could find that he or she is permanently disabled. In either situation, following an accident in the workplace an investigation will commence. Legislation recently proposed would make changes to who is involved in those investigations.

Training instrument licensed by BCCSA may prevent work injuries

Workplace safety is important for individuals regardless of their occupation. Depending on a wide variety of factors, including the job and the type of accident that occurs, the outcome of a workplace accident can be devastating. In the worst cases it might even lead to death. One way in which this might be prevented is through education.

Survey reveals safety issues in waste and recycling field

There is no question that virtually anyone who works could be injured while at his or her job. This includes individuals employed in the waste and recycling field. To determine how safe this occupation is in Canada,Solid Waste & Recycling magazine recently conducted a survey. It sought information from a total of 86 waste workers--mostly rear-loading truck operators--in the country.

WorkSafeBC finds construction signage adequate after trench accident

Proper signage and barriers are important to maintaining safe construction sites. Such safety measures are meant to protect workers and bystanders in the area. When a construction site accident results in injury, the proper use of signage may be called into question during a workplace or WorkSafeBC investigation into the exact cause of the accident.

Study: Young workers in Canada less likely to refuse dangerous work

Safety training is important in every workplace. In order to develop effective safety policies that protect employees from dangerous situations and guard employers from liability, employers may need to take into account a variety of factors, including workers' specific skills and experience.

Inquest into sawmill explosion again underway after review of internal investigation

When investigating workplace accidents in British Columbia, WorkSafeBC normally requests the findings of the employer's internal investigation if one was conducted. However, after a fatal explosion at a B.C. sawmill in 2012, the agency decided not to follow that procedure.

Investigation underway after explosion at B.C. coal mine

Accidents in the workplace that result in injuries require careful investigation to determine the cause of the accident and the source of the injury. Whether the accident is due to a simple oversight on the part of a worker, or the employer failed to comply with safety regulations, employees and employers should have experienced legal counsel to represent them and protect their interests after a workplace accident.

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