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Workplace Accidents Archives

Workplace accident: 44 construction workers died in 2017

Safety advocates expressed their concern about the rate of fatalities in the construction industry. At the annual commemoration of a 1981 workplace accident in Vancouver when a construction platform collapsed, surviving family members of four workers who died there came together. However, the alarming truth revealed by the building-trades council is that 1,000 more British Columbia construction workers have been killed in occupational accidents since that tragedy.

WorkSafe BC law upheld by Court of Appeal

Employees in British Columbia benefit from laws set in place for their protection while on the job. For those engaged in one of the province's most hazardous careers - asbestos removal - questions about enforceability have been an ongoing concern. A new ruling has now given workers new hope in a business where the risk of fatal workplace accidents remains high.

WorkSafeBC investigating fatal workplace accident in Parksville

On February 2nd, a 31-year old British Columbia man died in a work-related accident after a ladder the man was in contact with touched a power line. The 31-year old Nanoose Bay man was working on an apartment building when he was electrocuted. His co-worker, who was also in contact with the ladder when it touched the live wires, was also affected, but was airlifted to a nearby hospital with minor injuries.

Fatal workplace accident leaves partner asking for changes

Sometimes it takes a tragedy before major change can take place. After a fatal workplace accident that took the life of her boyfriend, one Vancouver Island woman is calling for changes to construction safety regulations. By all appearances, proper safety measures were in place, but they weren't enough to prevent this fatal accident.

Construction industry leads province in workplace accident deaths

To enter into certain trades and professions is to accept a heightened degree of risk for personal injury. For example, a career as a firefighter or logger carries with it a known element of danger. Naturally, all possible efforts should be made to minimize hazards at work. Such has been the case in the construction industry, where changes to regulations have been ongoing in hopes of preventing workplace accidents.

Regular inspections could prevent a workplace accident

The likelihood of a workplace accident occurrence is significantly decreased if proper safety procedures are followed. This means that regular inspections should be a part of any workplace's safety protocol. In Ontario, a slew of recent workplace fatalities have made headlines and highlighted the importance of regular safety inspections.

The season is right for a workplace accident, WorkSafeBC reports

WorkSafeBC, the provincial workplace safety watchdog, is warning both homeowners and workers to be extra cautious this December. In particular, the organization is concerned for those working from dangerous heights this holiday season. The focus of their most recent message is practicing safe ladder usage to avoid a workplace accident.

Worker killed underground in workplace accident

When someone leaves for work, his or her family naturally expects them to come home again when the day is done. Sadly, sometimes that does not happen. The family of one man received tragic news after he perished in a workplace accident in British Columbia's neighbouring province.

Workplace accident claims life of Calgary man

The hazards of working with machinery of any kind are present on many job sites here in British Columbia and across the country. Unfortunately, sometimes the hazards do not make themselves known until it is too late to take protective action. That was the case for an energy sector worker killed recently in a tragic workplace accident.

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