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Human Rights Law Archives

What is necessary to file a human rights complaint at the CHRC?

Employees in British Columbia are protected against discrimination. For those employed by organizations falling within federal labour jurisdiction, the Canadian Human Rights Act prevents discrimination or harassment based on race, age, sex, religion, sexual orientation or other protected grounds. Victims of such behaviour in the workplace could file complaints with the Canadian Human Rights Commission. (Other employees who fall within provincial jurisdiction will have recourse through the BC Human Rights Tribunal.)

At a job interview, discriminatory inquiries can violate human rights

When British Columbia employers conduct job interviews, they must take care to avoid discriminatory inquiries. Broadly speaking, employers may not ask prospective employees questions about any of protected grounds under the Bc Human Rights Code, including:

Human Rights law: What constitutes retaliation?

Many workers' fear of losing their jobs may prevent them from filing human rights complaints at the BC Human Rights Tribunal against their employers when they encounter discrimination contrary to the protected grounds established under the BC Human Rights Code (the "Code"). However, employees in British Columbia are in fact protected against retaliation by employers under the Code.

Human rights law: Worker challenges WorkSafeBC's policy

A 40-year-old marble mason in Vancouver suffered a work-related shoulder injury in 2015 for which WorkSafeBC granted him an award of permanent partial disability. Because his employer had no modified duties for him, he applied for assistance from the WorkSafeBC's vocational rehabilitation services department, which assists in finding alternative employment to accommodate the disabilities of such workers. However, this worker later lodged a complaint with the BC Human Rights Tribunal, claiming the agency violated human rights law by denying his request to attend a post-secondary program based on his age.

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