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Fair pay for every hour

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Are you working extra hours without extra pay? You very well could be if you are performing specific tasks before or after clocking in.

The flight attendants’ fight for fairness

Flight attendants in Canada have brought to light a critical wage issue that resonates with many hourly workers. They often perform essential duties before take-off and after landing—tasks like safety checks and assisting passengers—which their pay checks do not reflect.

A proposed bill seeks to amend this by ensuring they receive compensation for all pre-flight and post-flight work. For flight attendants, this bill could mean getting fair pay for all the work they do, including the essential tasks that keep passengers safe and make flights go smoothly. It’s a change that could improve the working conditions for many in the airline industry.

There is some doubt about whether it will pass before the next election, but there is hope that it will influence future labour law changes.

When does the clock really start?

Many other jobs involve tasks that employees must complete before or after a shift. Here are some examples where pre-and post-shift work may be compensable:

  • Retail workers: Setting up displays or closing the cash register.
  • Healthcare professionals: Preparing examination rooms or completing patient reports.
  • Restaurant staff: Prepping ingredients or cleaning up after closing.

These tasks are integral to the job, and understanding that they may well be part of your compensable work hours is key to ensuring you receive fair wages.

If your pay check does not reflect this time, or if your employer requests that you complete work before clocking in or after clocking out, your employer may be underpaying you.

Protecting your rights and your pay check

As an hourly worker, it’s vital to recognize the full scope of your workday. The fight for fair compensation among flight attendants in Canada is a stark reminder that you deserve to be paid for all the work you do, not just the hours between clocking in and out. With this knowledge, you can approach your employer confidently with any wage-related questions or concerns to ensure that your Apay check reflects your hard work.



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