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Common workplace hazards to beware of this season

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2023 | Workplace Accidents |

Workplace accidents and injuries can happen anytime, during any season. However, some conditions are more likely to present a danger to workers during certain times of the year. With that in mind, workers may want to prepare for certain spring-related factors that could create risks on the job. 

Night time hazards 

The days are getting longer, and there can be more going on during evening hours, including an increase in traffic. People who work night shifts during this time of year could face dangerous situations on the road, like encountering higher rates of people driving while impaired or people who are fatigued after a long work shift and fall asleep behind the wheel.

Sun and heat-related hazards

During the spring, the weather isn’t typically hot in Vancouver; it’s usually mild and cool. That said, workers should still have protection from getting overheated or sunburnt. Consider other environmental irritants such as asthma attacks and spring allergies.

Workers outside should have access to shade, water and rest if needed. Wearing sunscreen can also be essential. Inside, workers should have air conditioning or fans to cool people down when the temperatures increase. It is also crucial for employees to continue to wear appropriate protective gear, even if it makes someone warm and temporarily uncomfortable.

Storms and wet weather

Again, while Vancouver isn’t known for extreme weather, it can happen – our past winter is a prime example. Spring storms can trigger high winds, rain and flooding. There is also the potential for a spring snowstorm, as it continues to snow in areas like West Vancouver in mid-April. Workers should consider identifying a safe location to take shelter in the event of a storm; employers might consider allowing employees to work remotely or perform alternative projects when there is a threat of a storm or other extreme weather.

Workers can stay safe by watching the weather, familiarizing themselves with storm safety procedures and using caution when conditions are wet or slippery.

These measures can prevent weather-related accidents and injuries.

Road-related risks

Nicer weather makes it more enjoyable to be outside and on the road. Whether a person is driving to work or operating machinery on a construction project, the road can be rife with risks to know about.

Again, impaired driving can be more prevalent during the spring and summer; roads can be wet and more congested. More drivers may be on the road during school breaks.

Being aware of these seasonal risks is crucial for both employees and employers and taking steps to ensure proper safety measures are in place now can keep everyone safer this spring.



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