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June 2020 Archives

Steps to take after a workplace injury

Workplace injury statistics show that an average of one million occupational injuries and illnesses are reported across the country each year, including in British Columbia. Safety authorities say almost every workplace injury is preventable, and approximately 10% of work-related accidents lead to brain injuries.

Workplace injury and health challenges faced by long haul drivers

Big rig drivers face health and safety hazards each day. Commercial vehicle operators in British Columbia haul their loads across the country, and risk workplace injury and illness. For many truckers, their vehicles are also their homes, where they work, sleep and eat. A significant percentage of long haul truck operators develop health problems over the years due to exposure to various hazards.

Federally regulated employees: What is considered to determine pay equity?

Employees who believe they are victims of pay equity violations might have questions about their legal rights. Under the Canada Human Rights Act, which applies to employees working for federally regulated employers such as banks, airlines, Crown corporations, and other organizations, there are express provisions requiring pay equity in the workplace. Under the Canada Labour Code, Labour Program inspectors have the power to assess for pay equity compliance and alert the Canada Human Rights Commission if a federally regulated employer is not complying with the requirements.

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