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January 2020 Archives

Employment law: There is no place for racial discrimination

Following a work-related back injury, a 45-year-old husband and father of two in British Columbia is without work, and must support himself with a cane to walk. The former sheet metal worker recently decided to go public with his struggles and the alleged discriminatory behaviour of a WorkSafeBC staff member.

British Columbia employment law focuses on keeping workers safe

Workers in British Columbia have the right to safe work environments. Employment law in Canada describes the roles of business owners, along with their rights and responsibilities. The law also mandates the responsibilities of employers, supervisors, contractors and workers.

Employment law: Rights and responsibilities of employees

While it is true that employers in British Columbia are responsible for the health and safety of employees, workers also play a role in their own safety. Employment law mandates the rights and responsibilities of workers in all industries. Effective workplace safety requires all the involved parties to commit to their responsibilities.

Human Rights law: What constitutes retaliation?

Many workers' fear of losing their jobs may prevent them from filing human rights complaints at the BC Human Rights Tribunal against their employers when they encounter discrimination contrary to the protected grounds established under the BC Human Rights Code (the "Code"). However, employees in British Columbia are in fact protected against retaliation by employers under the Code.

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