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Are out-of-province workplace injuries covered by workers’ comp?

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2019 | Workplace Injuries |

Most workers find comfort in knowing that a workers’ compensation program exists that will likely cover their medical expenses and lost wages if they should suffer workplace injuries. However, it is not unusual for companies to be based in British Columbia and send work crews on assignments in other provinces or territories. Such workers may have questions about their rights to benefits if they should fall victim to work-related accidents while working outside the province.

The most crucial first step after a work-related is to get the necessary medical care. WorkSafeBC advises injured workers to report their injuries to their employer and the worker’s compensation body in the province where the worker is from, as well as the workers’ compensation body of the province in which the injury occurred. The worker will then have the option to choose where to proceed with the benefits claim. 

When British Columbia workers are injured while working outside the province, there are conditions to meet in order to successfully apply for benefits from WorkSafeBC. They must be residents of B.C., and their employment must be based in the province. Time working outside of British Columbia must not exceed six months, and the status of their employment must be permanent, regardless of where they work. If these conditions are met, these workers may proceed with their out-of-province injury claim through WorkSafeBC.

Workers from other provinces who are injured while working in B.C. should report their injuries to WorkSafeBC as well as notify the worker’s compensation body of their home province. By doing so, workers will be best positioned to decide where to continue their compensation claim.

British Columbia workers whose jobs take them to different locations across Canada might find the process daunting if they suffer workplace injuries while working outside the province. For that reason, many injured workers choose to utilize the skills of an experienced lawyer. Legal counsel can explain the options for filing claims and assist with any complications arising from the benefits scheme.



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