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November 2019 Archives

Avoid wrongful termination claims -- obtain legal counsel

Employees in British Columbia must be treated fairly, during employment and upon termination of employment. Dealing with a wrongful termination lawsuit can be costly, and it is often preventable. Many employers seek legal counsel just before terminating employees.  However, employers may be able to avoid difficult termination lawsuits by reaching out to legal counsel even earlier. When employees are hired, their employment contracts should detail the employment terms and clearly set out both parties' obligations arising upon termination.

Workplace injuries include occupational diseases

Workers in British Columbia who are exposed to hazardous or toxic substances in their workplaces might nor even notice the gradual damage this exposure causes to their health. In many cases, by the time workers are diagnosed with occupational diseases, the condition is already severe. Although workers' compensation covers work-related illnesses, they may be more difficult to prove for claims purposes than other workplace injuries.

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