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June 2019 Archives

How are workplace investigations handled in your workplace?

Increased media scrutiny around bullying, harassment, and other inappropriate conduct in the workplace has brought greater focus and attention on BC employers' Respectful Workplace policies and their internal procedures for dealing with employee complaints. WorkSafeBC requires all employers to not only take reasonable steps to prevent, or otherwise minimize workplace bullying and harassment, but to also develop and implement written procedures for workers to report incidents or complaints of workplace harassment and bullying. These procedures must include how, when, and to whom an employee should report incidents or complaints, including procedures in the event that the employee's supervisor or manager is the alleged bully and harasser. 

Workplace injury: Workers can refuse to work in unsafe conditions

Employers in British Columbia are responsible for the protection of the health and safety of their employees. Workers must be informed of the known hazards that pose workplace injury risks, and they should be given safety training to learn how to mitigate those hazards. Workers who are tasked with jobs in unsafe conditions have the right to refuse to do the work.

Employment standards violations lead to $310,000 payment to foreign workers

Employers in British Columbia are legally obligated to comply with employment standards and provide safe work environments. They must always honour workers' rights and protections. Following the disclosure of employment standards violations in a case in which a wealthy British Columbia family were found to have committed wage theft against 174 foreign workers, the Minister of Labour connected recent Employment Standards Act amendments with the prevalence of these kinds of complaints.

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