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April 2019 Archives

What does wrongful termination really mean?

It is not uncommon for employees in British Columbia who lost their jobs to feel that they were unjustly dismissed. However, the term wrongful termination (also known as wrongful dismissal), in law, applies to certain specific situations. The simple explanation is that wrongful termination occurs when when a person is fired without cause and either no severance pay is offered or the amount of severance pay is insufficient.

Vancouver woman fights for benefits after workplace accident

Workers in most industries in British Columbia are entitled to workers' compensation benefits. Some employers will do anything to avoid paying a victim of a workplace accident, but injured workers should not give up. Legal counsel is available to fight for the rights to compensation.

Focus on craft brewery workplace injury risks

Employers in British Columbia must protect the health and safety of their workers. WorkSafeBC expects employers in all industries to mitigate known safety hazards to prevent on-the-job accidents. The craft brewery industry is growing rapidly, and safety authorities say the workplace injury risks have increased at a similar pace.

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