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March 2019 Archives

Understanding employee rights upon termination

When workers in British Columbia lose their jobs, it can be one of the most stressful times that they will ever face. Employment law surrounding workplace dismissals can be complicated, and there may be many questions and concerns these individuals will have as they try to push forward and plan for the future. Unfortunately, job losses occur all too frequently, and it can be crucial for employees to know their rights on these occasions.

Bill to protect nurses from violence-related workplace injury

All employers in British Columbia have various obligations and duties toward employees. The Workers' Compensation Act requires employers to protect the health and safety of employees. An employer who fails to comply with the required standards could be held accountable if an employee should suffer a preventable workplace injury. However, some believe that health care workers in particular need more protection against workplace violence.

Carcinogens are as threatening as any other workplace injury

Workers in all industries in British Columbia are exposed to hazards in the workplace. While any workplace injury that involves fractured bones or open wounds is easy to recognize as being work-related, some occupational illnesses might be questioned. However, an endless list of carcinogens and radiation sources exist in various industries, and employers must protect employees against them.

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