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December 2018 Archives

Wrongful Dismissal Assumptions Altered By Ontario Court Of Appeal

A fundamental principle of wrongful dismissal damages holds that damages compensate employees for their actual economic loss. For example, an employee awarded 20 months' pay after being wrongfully dismissed is only entitled to recover the income they have lost during those 20 months. Consequently, if that employee finds work after 10 months, they will only receive the income they lost during the 10 months they were looking for a job, not for the full 20 months.

Lack Of Workers' Comp Can Have Serious Consequences For Employers

Some business owners in British Columbia may not be pleased that just about every employer must register for and pay insurance premiums to protect injured workers. In BC, even property owners who build their own residences or those who hire casual workers as regular gardeners, domestic workers, nannies and cleaners must register with WorkSafe BC. While it might seem like an unnecessary expense, some argue that employers can see the value of these payments if they consider that the absence of workers' compensation insurance could require their businesses to be responsible for payment of medical fees that follow on-the-job injuries and rehabilitation.

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