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Employment law: Collaboration can provide safe workplaces

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2018 | Labour And Employment Law |

The safety of employees of British Columbia businesses is not only a concern for the workers, it should be the primary concern of employers as well. The fact that employment law requires employers to provide safe workplaces should not put a burden on employers while it benefits employees. Safe environments can prevent injuries and boost productivity. For that reason, it is in the interest of both sides to promote a culture of safety in the workplace — whether it is an office or a construction site.

When it comes to occupational injuries, employers may face premises liability lawsuits if dangerous conditions on the property cause physical or emotional injuries. Along with penalties or fines resulting from lawsuits, it will also affect productivity. For that reason, most business owners carry workers’ compensation insurance to provide injured workers with financial relief in the event of a work-related injury.

From the viewpoint of employees, knowing that their employers care about their safety and health can do a lot for morale, which could, in turn, boost productivity. Some say the safest workplaces are those in which employers allow workers to suggest improvements that will bring about fewer injuries. This includes ergonomic changes to prevent repetitive stress injuries.

While many British Columbia employers and employees have benefited from such collaboration, legal problems are still prevalent in cases in which these two sides work against each other. Employment law problems are often complicated, and the support and guidance of an experienced lawyer might provide creative solutions. Legal counsel is available for both employers and employees, and utilizing their services can prevent costly mistakes or lawsuits.

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