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February 2018 Archives

Protecting your company from the legal dangers of poaching

There are many grey areas when it comes to employees moving from one company to another in British Columbia. While you may be concerned about another company poaching staff who are valuable to your business, it would be naive to expect a former employee to forget everything he or she learned while working for you. While you cannot prevent such a person from using the experience gained as your employee, you may be wise to ensure your employees sign bulletproof confidentiality, non-competition and non-solicitation agreements to protect information.

Workplace injury: WorkSafeBC seeks to limit construction injuries

Construction company owners in British Columbia who disregard the safety and health of employees in favour of maximizing profits may not realize that injured workers will adversely affect the bottom line. Instead, proactive steps can avoid instances of workplace injury while non-compliance fines under the occupational health and safety requirements laws can be prevented. To make it easier for employers to comply, WorkSafeBC recently released a three-year plan that will help company owners to limit serious occupational injuries in the construction industry.

Data analysis may prevent but not eliminate workplace injury

Construction work sites are known hazardous areas at which employers are expected to protect the health and safety of employees. However, construction site accidents continue to occur in British Columbia, and safety authorities are looking at ways in which to change this. Almost every workplace injury can be prevented by using common sense. This is the opinion of an executive of the BC Construction Safety Alliance.

Workplace accident: 44 construction workers died in 2017

Safety advocates expressed their concern about the rate of fatalities in the construction industry. At the annual commemoration of a 1981 workplace accident in Vancouver when a construction platform collapsed, surviving family members of four workers who died there came together. However, the alarming truth revealed by the building-trades council is that 1,000 more British Columbia construction workers have been killed in occupational accidents since that tragedy.

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