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January 2017 Archives

Construction industry leads province in workplace accident deaths

To enter into certain trades and professions is to accept a heightened degree of risk for personal injury. For example, a career as a firefighter or logger carries with it a known element of danger. Naturally, all possible efforts should be made to minimize hazards at work. Such has been the case in the construction industry, where changes to regulations have been ongoing in hopes of preventing workplace accidents.

Workplace injury benefits may be cut off despite doctor's advice

A recent report by the Toronto-based Institute for Work and Health reveals that those who make return-to-work decisions about injured employees may be more interested in containing their costs than protecting the well-being of workers. Some doctors believe their recommendations following a workplace injury are frequently ignored, particularly when it comes to workers suffering from mental illness, chronic pain or multiple injuries. Physicians in Vancouver may concur with the report's findings.

Wrongful termination claimed after return from maternity leave

One of the privileges of being a working woman in British Columbia is having the option to take leave to give birth and begin raising a baby. It is assumed and expected that at the end of the leave, a woman will have the right to return to her original position of employment. One woman in Ontario, however, is claiming that one of the country's largest sports conglomerates has denied her return to work, and now she is bringing a wrongful termination suit against her former employer.

Regular inspections could prevent a workplace accident

The likelihood of a workplace accident occurrence is significantly decreased if proper safety procedures are followed. This means that regular inspections should be a part of any workplace's safety protocol. In Ontario, a slew of recent workplace fatalities have made headlines and highlighted the importance of regular safety inspections.

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