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December 2016 Archives

Workplace injury, illness claim for cancer allowed by B.C court

The potential hazards of a workplace are highly varied, and may even be unique to a particular profession or location. As such, what defines a workplace injury can be equally varied. In fact, some conditions that result from work hazards are not visible to the naked eye. In a recent case before the Supreme Court of Canada, a group of British Columbia workers fought for the right to claim compensation for a serious illness they believed developed as a direct result of where they work.

Not every workplace injury is the result of an accident

There are many common causes of injury at work. These include slips and falls, hazardous equipment, and dangerous work sites. However, some workplace injury sources may not be immediately obvious to an outsider. Several Vancouver-area nurses are entirely too aware of what those sources may be.

The season is right for a workplace accident, WorkSafeBC reports

WorkSafeBC, the provincial workplace safety watchdog, is warning both homeowners and workers to be extra cautious this December. In particular, the organization is concerned for those working from dangerous heights this holiday season. The focus of their most recent message is practicing safe ladder usage to avoid a workplace accident.

Former director sues university for wrongful termination

If an employee and his or her employer enter into an agreement, both parties expect the other to uphold their end of the contract. Should either side fall short, the wronged party will naturally expect compensation for the breach. However, what happens when the compensation offered is refused? Those are the circumstances of a wrongful termination suit that went before the courts in Vancouver recently.

Worker killed underground in workplace accident

When someone leaves for work, his or her family naturally expects them to come home again when the day is done. Sadly, sometimes that does not happen. The family of one man received tragic news after he perished in a workplace accident in British Columbia's neighbouring province.

Workplace accident claims life of Calgary man

The hazards of working with machinery of any kind are present on many job sites here in British Columbia and across the country. Unfortunately, sometimes the hazards do not make themselves known until it is too late to take protective action. That was the case for an energy sector worker killed recently in a tragic workplace accident.

B.C. government amends labour law to exempt WHL from minimum wage

Each province in Canada sets its own minimum hourly wage for workers in that province. However, there are exceptions to this labour law in several provinces, including British Columbia. A local hockey league with teams across the province, including here in Vancouver, recently sought to become one of those exceptions.

Man suffers severe workplace injury; employer hit with fine

When heavy equipment and heavy products are present at a work site, safety should be on every worker's mind. ALthough laws are in place to protect the rights of workers in Canada, they need to be observed in order to be effective. A serious workplace injury was the consequence when safety laws were ignored at a factory in Ontario.

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