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October 2016 Archives

Likelihood of a workplace accident increases with fatigue

Hazards exist in varying degrees at any job site. Learning how to deal with them should be part of every worker's training program, and risk minimization a part of the daily routine for employees and employers in Canada. However, there is one workplace accident trigger that cannot be seen, and it is practically impossible for some workers to avoid.

Fatal workplace accident under investigation in Saanich

Working at a height increases the risk of an accident at any job. Each year, many men and women in British Columbia are injured at work after a fall. The most recent incident resulted in the death of a young man after a workplace accident on Vancouver Island. 

Wrongful termination claimed in Evergreen Line layoff

Employees and employers rely upon each other to get a job done. Sometimes when the two parties do not see eye to eye on an issue, that relationship can be strained. A large construction project in Vancouver became the site of such a disagreement, and it ended with a claim of wrongful termination.

Tow-truck driver suffers workplace injury on Highway 1

Hazardous conditions may be present at any job site. For those whose work takes them out on the streets and highways of British Columbia, however, there is an extra element of danger present at all times. A recent accident in which a tow-truck driver suffered a grievous workplace injury clearly illustrates the ever-present risks for those who work while exposed to traffic.

Man suffers workplace injury when trench collapses; charges laid

Sometimes the wheels of justice turn slowly, especially when multiple parties are involved and investigations need to be conducted. When the incident in question involves a workplace injury, facts have to be gathered by both sides, and the resulting documents can be very long. A case currently before the courts involving a company from British Columbia illustrates the time required for justice to be served.

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