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September 2016 Archives

Television shoot is the scene of a workplace injury in Vancouver

The film and television industry is a major source of employment in Vancouver and across British Columbia. Those working in the field have the opportunity to do what they love right in their own province. Unfortunately, just as in any industry, a workplace injury can happen at any time. One example comes out of a television shoot that took place earlier this month.

City worker suffers workplace injury at Surrey park

No one goes to work expecting to be hurt. However, the possibility of a workplace injury occurring is present for anyone, and so safeguards to minimize the risk should be in place. In recent local news, an unusual work-related accident occurred in metropolitan Vancouver that is now under investigation by authorities.

Labour law evolving to encompass social media

Social media is a constant presence in the 21st century, both in the lives of private citizens and public corporations. People use it to connect with one another, and businesses use it to connect with consumers. The key to social media versus traditional media is the two-way dialogue it allows between companies and their customers. This can be both a positive and a negative situation, and a recent labour law case may change the way companies and their employees interact with social media platforms.

Kamloops mine boss claims wrongful termination

A person takes a leap of faith when he or she accepts a new job in a new country. Similarly, a company that hires a worker from outside of Canada may be embarking into new territory that elicits questions and uncertainty. A wrongful termination case currently before the British Columbia courts is an example of just such a situation.

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