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August 2016 Archives

Workplace accident takes the life of British Columbia man

Employees who have spent decades on the job often become known and loved by many co-workers and customers. They may also be the ones younger, less experienced workers turn to for help and advice. Often, veteran workers are the employees that bosses can depend upon to know their jobs well and do their jobs correctly. In British Columbia, however, employees at a local shipping terminal are dealing with the loss of just such a co-worker in a recent workplace accident.

Heavy fine for fatal workplace accident in British Columbia

The potential for injury exists at every workplace and job site. It is crucial that employees and employers alike do all they can to ensure workers are safe while on the job and the risk of a workplace accident is minimized. When workers are not safe, watchdog organizations may step in to determine who is at fault and what their responsibilities are. This is exactly what happened to an oil and gas pipeline company in British Columbia recently.

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